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Kobe Bryant Cold Blooded Game Winner Wallpaper

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Kobe Bryant, with his menacing scowl and unbelievable fade away jumper is one of the coldest killers in the game. This wallpaper is a testament to all the moments where Kobe has come up big in the clutch moments of a game.

Regardless of what the stats say, or what people may argue, it stands to say that no matter who you are, if your team is down by one with 10 seconds left on the clock, you want Kobe to take that last shot. Because, when it comes down to it, the game is little less than a state of mind. As Phil Jackson used to say, “Wisdom is always an overmatch for strength.” When it comes to the will to win, and the repertoire of shots that Kobe has at the end of a game, no one knows how to close a game better than him.

Give me a last second shot by Kobe over anything else. The sight is just pure beauty.

You can download the wallpaper here: Kobe Bryant “Cold Blooded Killer” Gamewinner 

Designed by Ishaan Mishra

Featured Wallpaper: Kevin Durant All Star Game MVP Wallpaper

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The first featured wallpaper here at Posterizes is a special edition Kevin Durant All Star Game MVP wallpaper to commemorate him winning the MVP award of the 2012 All Star game at Amway Arena in Orlando with a great performance and a stat line of 36 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 steals.

Durant took charge with Western Conference team mates Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Andrew Bynum, Blake Griffin, and Russel Westbrook. Durant put up a good shooting performance and along with Bryant, kept the West in the game down the stretch. This was the young superstar’s first All Star game MVP, and could likely be the first of many.

To download the wallpaper head over here: Kevin Durant All Star Game MVP wallpaper

 Designed by Ishaan Mishra

Welcome to the Launch of

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Welcome to the Launch of what will be your number one source for basketball designs. From your favorite player to your favorite team, our goal is to unite NBA fans across the world through design no matter what the differences. We look forward to this journey and will strive to make it one to not miss out on.