Ishaan Mishra

Age: 19
Location: Chicago, USA

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Raised on a steady diet of comic books, Captain Crunch, jazz, sci-fi movies, and non-fiction books about the Cold War, Ishaan Mishra was a pretty normal kid, that is until he found out about the NBA. After that, it was all about the latest buzz around Michael Jordan, or the new look Lakers, the dunk contest, Vince Carter’s alley-oops, Jason Kidd’s behind the back passes, Shaq’s post domination, or Kobe’s sweet sweet jumper as a never ending stream of basketball related media became his sanctuary.

Now a current Medical Student learning to be a Psychiatrist and a  Neurosurgeon he has found an outlet for the little creative genius trapped in his head, graphic design. Through the design process, he can channel his passion for the game of basketball and feed a rabid fanbase hungry for basketball related art.

Through this outlet Mishra has had his artwork featured on various publications and websites, and has worked with numerous big names in the industry such as Slam Magazine, Jordan brand, the NBA, 2K Sports, LakersNation, New York Times listed company MyEnergy, basketball players such as Blake Griffin, and Carmelo Anthony and many others. Currently he is working with the NBA on an online project which should be released soon.

For more information, or ways to contact Ishaan please do not hesitate to check out his Twitter, Website, or Facebook.