Jamal Crawford Interview with Posterizes

Jamal Crawford Interview with Posterizes

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We sat down with the greatest NBA player who starts seated. 3x Sixth Man of the year, LA Clippers star, Jamal Crawford.

Interview by Tyson Beck, Editor-In-Chief, Posterizes.

TB: Being a 16 year vet have you thought of a career post basketball? If so what is it and have you made plans to set it up?

JC: Not too much, I try to stay in the moment. I think that’s what kind of ages people in some ways, they start thinking of other things and not what’s right here in front of them. I have thought thought of stuff but I don’t think about it too much, I just stay in the moment, and I’m sure I’ll want to be around the game.

TB: Your style of game and skillset would perfectly adapt to plenty of overseas basketball leagues [laughs] such as Australia…

JC: There’s actually a little girl there and I’m one of her favourite players it’s unbelievable, I tweeted the story awhile ago and she’s from Australia, it’s cool, it’s pretty cool

TB: Is playing overseas after the NBA something you’d contemplate?

JC: Hmm, I dunno my wife would have to agree to that one, so I dunno, I think I would stay here (USA), and come play a tour over there or something like that.

TB: Are we any closer today to get back an NBA team in Seattle than we were say 5 years ago?

JC: I hope so, you know sometimes the more time that goes by the harder it becomes, so I hope at some point it get’s a little better.

TB: Some players like to distance themselves away from basketball in the offseason [Not me]… Not you?

JC: I’m the total opposite I get closer to it.

TB: If the NBA were to bring in a 1on1 Skills contest to the All-Star Weekend, I think a lot of people want to see that, is that something you’d like to see and be involved with?

JC: I would watch it, I wouldn’t play unless I was in the All-Star game. I’ve never done anything, I’ve been asked to do 3 point, skills challenge, I didn’t do anything

TB: Oh you denied?

JC: Yeah.

TB: Do you have a reason why?

JC: I felt like with my talent I should have been in the All-Star game one point, at least once in my life, I said if I go for that I’d do whatever. I may even jump in the dunk contest [laughs]

TB: Why is Seattle Pro-Am event so important to you?

JC: Because we don’t have a team there man, and I think it’s important for the kids to see us, they don’t have the NBA guys, like I had with Gary Payton and guys to reach out and touch so all the guys from Seattle playing in the NBA and playing in the Pro Am I think help make these kids dreams a reality.

TB: Off the court what are your favorite things to do away from basketball?

JC: Hanging with my family, hanging with my friends, watch basketball [laughs] but that’s it hanging with my family and kids.

TB: You’ve been one dude that has consistently shown public affection to Kobe throughout your career in particular on Twitter [Yeah for sure, I appreciate greatness]. Do you have a favorite moment of his career you’d like to share?

JC: Ohhh there’s so many, it would be tough to pick just one but the one that jumps out to my head is him scoring 81.

TB: In 2014 you introduced Kobe Bryant at the Seattle Pro-Am Labeling him as “this generations Michael Jordan”. If I were to debate with you saying he’s not, how would you state your argument?

JC: I just think when it comes to championships, scoring ability, passion, determination, his talent, how driven he is as a working athlete, his style of play, the hype, he would be the closest to Michael.

TB: Personally I’m a Lakers fan [Okay, okay], and my all-time guy is Kobe, but my friends consistently have a question for me, who’s my all-time favorite non-Laker. My answer is always Jamal Crawford…

JC: Really? Thank you so much.

TB: Is it a common thing that you get a lot of love from opposition fans?

JC: Yeah for sure, more so players from opposition teams, I think you’re as good as your peers think you are, so getting love from my peers make me feels good, you know because those are the guys I’m playing against.

TB: You have 3 signature shoes with Brandblack, how involved were in the performance and visual design of the shoe?

JC: More so after the first one, the first one was kind of already in the works but the second one was about how light I wanted it, how comfortable I wanted it, and how I wanted it to feel. I have a pretty slim foot so I wanted to mimic that with the shoes.

TB: From a design standpoint can you name a favorite jersey and sneaker you had growing up?

JC: Shoes, Jordan, for sure. Jersey, probably a Grant Hill jersey.

TB: If you had the chance to surround 4 other players with you on the court past or present to form the strongest team possible who would they be?

JC: Ever?

TB: Yeah All-Time?

JC: Jordan, Hakeem, Shaq and Bird.

TB: How did you spend your time over the all-star break?

JC: Home, hanging with my family, my daughter had a birthday party.

TB: What’s the one thing the Clippers have as a team which can trouble other teams come playoff time?

JC: Being battle tested, we went through a lot the last few year, we’ve had chances to do stuff, so I think those heart breaks are going to make us a better team when we get to that point again.

TB: You’re often labelled as a streaky shooter but at the same time you consistently put up numbers on a game by game basis off the bench. Is there anything you do particular to prepare yourself to perform at a high level?

JC: The same drill, I just try to adjust, if something’s not working on the night, my jumpers not working, I’ll get to the free throw to see the ball go through, get to the midrange, get to the basket, so that way you’re always effective.

TB: When the day comes and you retire, how do you want to be remembered?

JC: Better person than basketball player.

-Jamal Crawford x Posterizes Interview 2016-


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